Timna Park + Red Canyon Excursions from Eilat Save King Solomon
Temple of the Goddess Hathor Copper Lake
(one-day trip)
Price: USD 75 per person
Timna Park Mines of King Solomon Hathor Temple Copper lake
Red canyon
Departure from Eilat at a specified time


Canyon Tour

Departure from Eilat at a specified time

Canyon Tour

Guide services in Russian

Selection of the route at will

The Canyon route lasts two hours

Timna Park

Departure from Eilat at a convenient time (before lunch)

Multimedia film

Visiting the pillars of Solomon

Visiting stone arches and mushrooms

Save Solomon

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Good mood

The Tour package includes:

Transportation services

Guide services in Russian

Entrance fees

A trip around the park lasts three hours.

The whole trip takes 5 hours.


Timna’s Park is a beautiful valley surrounded by steep cliffs of various shades and different time periods of education, in some places they reach a height of 850 meters. The bizarre combinations of primitive landscapes in the form of a huge bird or sphinx formed from different mineral rocks give us an idea of ​​the history of the valley, which was at one time a copper lance of King Solomon. If you look down from the rocks, you will see an exciting spectacle – rocks from sandstone of red and white hue, canyons and granite arches, herds of mountain goats and deer.

On the territory of Eilat’s attractions you can see many interesting things, among all the splendor stands the temple of Timna, which is dedicated to the goddess Hathor. It was built in the form of an open courtyard, decorated with a variety of religious objects.

Certainly worth a visit and on the lake Timna, which is a great place for recreation and entertainment for all families. For children, skating on the water surface on pedal boats is provided, while parents are invited to visit Nehushtimna, where a demonstration of making copper takes place, copper coins used under King Solomon are also minted here. Be sure to look into the tent of Bedouins and taste delicious coffee in the east.

In addition, it is proposed to make a series of walks in the park, for this, many routes have been continued here, exploring which, you can study in detail the history and geological structure of this area. To services of tourists fascinating walks on jeeps by Solomonovyh poles, Melting stations and the Pink Canyon. This journey will not be forgotten for a very long time. You can ride a camel and feel like a real oriental person.

On the territory of Israel’s attractions there are other, no less interesting places that are worth visiting and exploring: an amazing road of red asphalt, King Solomon’s Columns and rock carvings.

Continuing to explore the nature of Eilat, it is worth visiting the High Bar Reserve, which was established to restore the breeding of some species of animals that were once mentioned in the Bible, and which later began to disappear from the deserts of Arava and the Negev.


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