And so, you wrote to us or called, agreed on the date of fishing, number of people and time. We choose you from the place of your stay, we bring it to the ship and return it back (with the fish),
Our boat is 7 meters long and on board we take no more than 6 people.
Water, coffee, tea and biscuits are at your disposal.
The duration of fishing is about 4 hours, depending on the weather, people can swim around the boat. There is a cabin on the ship where you can relax, a small kitchen, a toilet, a shower on the boat, a mattress on the bow where you can sunbathe if you’re tired of catching fish.
Now about fishing:
We provide the equipment, bait and instruction for beginners. We try to do our best so that even beginners can catch fish. In this we are helped by our experience, knowledge of the sea and Fishfinder (depth sounder). You can fish at different depths and in different places of the bay

Fishing in Eilat

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